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5 good tools to compress files


When it comes to compressing files, the options are very varied: from the extremely loaded WinZip to the minimalist 7-zip, each one has something good and different to offer us. Want a list of 5 good options for choosing your header compression tool? Come and see:

7-Zip (Windows, Linux)

Minimalist and powerful, 7-Zip is the program that I currently use to handle zip, rar and all compressed files. It is light and open source, and although some may not like the simplicity (too simple) of its interface, it seems to me that it fulfills what it promises.

IZArc (Windows)

It has a more attractive interface, and supports a huge number of formats. In addition to the installable version, there is a portable version on their website.

WinRar (Windows)

One that we all know, and the first to go the first time we come across a .rar. That is, it is shareware and does not support as many formats as its previous partners.

PeaZip (Windows, Linux)

Prettier than 7-Zip, as powerful as IZArc, PeaZip presents itself as another very good alternative, which we can also find in an installable and portable version.

The Unarchiver (Mac)

It's actually the default compressed file manager on Mac, and while it works for unzipping many formats, you can only create zips with it.

I did not add WinZip to the list because we all already know it, and it seems so overloaded to me that I will never reinstall it (they still have the link).

(Goes Lifehacker)