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5 essential programs on my PC


Ceci just passed me a very interesting meme, and since the content of the same has a geek touch, I follow it from ac. The question is: What are the 5 essential programs on my PC, here are my 5, however I use others that are also very important.

one- Firefox: Obviously the most important of all, without Firefox I could not live, it is the best browser of all, and it is also the basis of my work, it is like going to the river and you do not have a boat (?).

2- Thunderbird: Me mail client par excellence, I have been using it for checking emails for years, I have an addiction to it, it is configured to check emails every 3 minutes.

3- Winamp: Without him I could not live, I think I already said it in some post, for me it is the best player of all, by far. I was playing my music collection all day.

4- Windows Live Messenger: A great tool that allows me to be connected with people that I have far away, and yes, I like to use MSN and not other clients.

5- Photoshop or Gimp: It does not matter to me either one, they are applications that I use to retouch the images that I then post here.

The truth is that it has been so long since I made memes that I don't know who to pass it to, if you want to follow it, do it and then leave a link in the comments to your posts.