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4 excellent feed readers based on Adobe AIR


I am not a supporter of using desktop feed readers, simply because I always go changing from one computer to another and I like to have everything centralized on the internet, currently, for quite some time, I have been using Google Reader.

But I do know that many prefer desktop readers, and as the Adobe AIR platform is allowing to create very interesting applications I decided to put together this post with 4 feed readers based on this platform, which makes them very flexible since we can use them in any operating system, unfortunately in Linux some do not work quite well.


ReadAir is one of the most complete, it has a Mac OS X look, a traditional layout, it allows you to explore OPML files, it has keyboard shortcuts to control it easily, organize everything in folders, you can minimize it to the system tray, and the best of all, It fully syncs with Google Reader!


Snackr It is a really cool application in terms of design, it is difficult to explain, but it is excellent for users with large monitors, since it can be accommodated in any free space on the desktop, occupying a large area, being able to read the news while we are doing other tasks. .


We discussed this application a couple of months ago on the blog, it was previously called Apprise, but it changed its name and came with some improvements in terms of sharing what we read. It allows share feed articles on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, delicious, by email, etc. It also lets us filter articles by author or topic. Something interesting is that it detects the feed of a site automatically.

RSS Feed Viewer

It is a simple reader with a traditional layout, there is nothing extravagant, it is characterized by lightness, they only have to download a 1MB installer. Simply that, if you just want a reader to watch the news from your desktop and nothing else, this is the best option.