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Top Reasons You Need Facts to Support Your Sales Copy

A killer sales copy always comes with thorough research. Why? It’s to convince someone you need to know what makes them nod and say yes. Indeed, you are talking your way through their decision-making process, but you can only succeed when you know the right words to say, or the appropriate emotions to trigger. 

Reputable copywriting services often include using facts and figures in their sales pitches. As an aspiring copywriter, you need to realise that facts are an essential element in crafting a compelling sales copy; otherwise, you won’t win your target market.

But how do facts support the strength of your sales copy? People who provide copywriting services would agree to the following reasons:

  1. Facts help build credibility.

How do you know when a story is credible? Your first course of action is to look for the facts that support the tale. But what if there are no factual, proven details that support a claim?

The resulting story would, of course, be blurry and unbelievable. You won’t believe that an affiliate marketer can earn as much profit as he claims unless he shows the facts. It is only when the necessary data is supplied, will the reader be convinced that what the story –or the sales copy promises, is credible.

  1. Facts help establish clarity.

As human beings, it is normal for us to think in a linear manner. We look for logic and sequence in the events said to us. We try our best to link one scene to another so that the whole narrative is clear.

Let’s take, for instance, a vehicular accident. Someone goes to the cops to report two cars colliding on a street corner, and the police officers would visit the scene to look for facts and determine who is at fault. The events leading toward the incident may have been so fast, but using factual details, they can identify the victim, who is responsible, or if the entire scenario was done on purpose.

Without facts, however, it would be difficult for us to connect the dots of a story being told. We won’t see the truth behind the story, no matter how hard the narrator tries to sway our emotions. Most of all, it is through clarity that we are convinced that a claim is legitimate.

  1. Facts help build decisions.

Spending money requires a sound decision-making process. However, a lot of us tend to spend on impulse. This is not to say that we don’t think before we spend, though. Instead, when we think about spending money on something, we use the facts to speed up our decision-making process.

When a story is already peppered with factual details, we no longer try hard to verify its claims. The data, the numbers, and the trends already give us everything we need to make a choice, and from there, we can decide immediately.

Because of the facts, we decide faster than usual. We also get swayed easier, because we rely on these details to achieve the same results claimed by the story we are being told. 

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