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If you are building a Network Marketing or MLM opportunity right now, the blood of your business is marketing. You will have to learn how to become a savvy marketer. Being savvy means that you will have to learn how to drive tons of website traffic that turns into leads and sales and doing this in a way that keeps you in a profit position.

At first when a new marketer starts out, they do not get the greatest results. When you are learning, it isn’t going to always be profitable. You will make mistakes and lose time and money. This is all part of the game. Your first 6 months to one year in business is going to be the toughest time for you. You will have that little annoying voice in the back of your head bombarding you with limiting thoughts. You will have to ignore that voice and press on towards your goals.

Most marketers quit or fail (failing is quitting) because they run out of money to fund their marketing methods. I believe that is just a poor excuse for quitting. If you truly have a vision, then nothing can get in your way. If you run out of money there are always many free methods to drive traffic to your websites and business opportunities.

Here are 5 methods for driving free traffic:

1: Article Marketing:
The article that you are reading right now is one of the greatest forms of free advertising. Your articles can stay online for years. If you are planning to use articles, make sure to give people some kind of value. Don’t just write something just to get people to your website. Give them some value. Share something with your readers. Give and you shall receive.

2: Video Marketing:
If you are confident enough to do make educational videos that can benefit viewers with your expertise, then you are going to love video marketing. Make videos on topics that you are well versed in. You can always be creative and make videos on new things that you learn. Add some humour to spice things up. Submit your videos to YouTube and Viddler.

3: Blogs:
Blogging is great and the search engines love them. Blogs are great for people who do not know much about technical issues like setting up websites and Meta tags. They are pretty well turn key. Word Press and Blogger are two of the best. Make sure to up grade to a paid blog that will give allow you to have your own professional domain. The paid option only costs between 10 to 15 dollars per month. Hey, you have to spend on something. This is a business that you are trying to build.

4: Social Media:
Start building your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Keep adding friends that have the same interests like Networking. I strongly recommend that you keep two accounts for Face Book. Use one for business and one for personal friends. Some top marketers got their start this way.

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