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Kênh 14 - Channel for teens

Attention! has been marked as not be suitable for minors and link to it have been deleted. It can't be xpanded!
Description: Kênh14 - Trang thông tin dành cho giới trẻ việt nam
Tags:  2ne1, apple, bộ tứ 10a8, bof, ca khúc, dell studio xps 13, duy random, harry potter va hoang tu lai, hot, htc diamond, iphone 4g, jeans, kelly, kenh 14, kenh, kenh14,, kim bum, kim so eun, lap trinh trai tim, lee min ho, mason, mi van, midu, nhac, nokia, nóng, phim, phuong linh, quynh nga, Scandal, shock, Sony Ericsson, teen, thời trang, trailer, trieu chung h1n1, xxx, yahoo messenger 10 ..
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