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AzureGreen Magic Shop & Online Catalog: Books, Candles, Incense, Jewelry, Tarot Decks, DVDs & more!

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Description: Since 1986, AzureGreen has been the best place to shop for all your spiritual and metaphysical needs. Search our online catalog for books, teas, candles, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, incense, oils, magic wands, ritual supplies & other magical tools.
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  • judy beer (09-12-2010 at 11:31 pm)

    I have bought from Azure Green in the past using the hard-copy catalogue. I need to find some smudging supplies, as there is non-specific paranormal activity going on, and smudging keeps it calmed down. I need smudge feathers, holy water, and some more smudge sticks. I went online to another source, which was way too expensive for my budget. I already have sea salt. I bought two smudge sticks from you before and I'm down to one which I burned a little of a week ago. I really enjoyed the catalogue and would like another one. Thanks!

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